Nigella’s Mexican Lasagna


This one of my favorite things to make. It’s delicious healthy and easy . I first discovered this recipe through the amazing Nigella. She is a wonder and although her recipes can tend to be a little ahem … indulgent this is not.

I have added a few of my own touches as well and It’s even better the next day ! One of the  key ingredients is goats cheese chedder , you can  also use Sheep .The more aged the better. This is a stong and full flavored cheese but not overpowering, perfect also with a class of wine, if you so desire !! You can you use normal chedder , but the result won’t be as fabulous or tasty . I also use a mixture of organic black beans and kidney beans to mix it up a bit .

It’s so exciting as mexican has really taken off in Melbourne with so many new incredible mexican restaurants opening stayed tuned as I will be doing reviews on some of them and highlighting recipes from each .

Lets get started…


1 bunch fresh Corriander shopped ( half for sauce and half for Avocado salsa)

1 red Capscicum chopped and cubed 

( you can finely put them them in a food processor as well for a less chunkey sauce )

1 yellow Capsicum chopped and cubed

1 large red chilli (mild) finely chopped and seeded

1 spanish (red) onion finely chopped

2 cloves garlic finely chopped

450g cooked  organic black beans ( soaked overnight)

2 tins (450g) corn drained

250g  kidney beans drained

2x tins chopped tomato

1 tblspoon tomato paste

2 tspoon garlic salt

1/2 tspoon bush tomato

1/2 tspoon smoked paprika

1/2 chilli Jalapeno (ground ) opitional for more spice !

2-3 cups of goats/sheep cheese chedder grated

6-8 tortillas ( wholemeal) there is also a gluten free option.


2 ripe Avocado 

2 limes juiced

2 tspoon Guacamole spice

1 cup chopped corriander

Jalapeno chilli’s 


Heat large skillet with olive oil.

Add onion , garlic and chilli .

add garlic salt and cook on medium for approx 10 min.

Add capsicum , bush tomato and parika and cook until soft. 

add 2 tins tomato and

2 tins water ( just use cans as a measuring source) and tomato paste.

If you want more spice you can add ground Jalapeno.

cook for approx 30-40 min on  medium. add chopped corriander also use bottom with roots as it adds more flavor. 

Put beans and corn into a large bowl , add almost all the cheese but leave enough to cover top of the dish. Mix well. You can also add  fresh corrander  chopped if you  like.

Now you can use a round deep baking dish or a large rectangle one. I have used my well used and loved rectangle one ,  laying 2 to a layer.


Layer bottom of tray with 21/2 scoops os bean mixture. Add 21/2 cups of sauce ( enough to cover ) then lay 2 tortilas. Repeat process , keeping enough sauce to put on top on lasagna with rest of cheese. Bake for 40-45 min .



Avocado Salsa

Avocado salsa

Put advocado in a bowl add lime , jalapinos and chopped corriander . Sprinkle with Guacamole spice and mix well. 

When cooked take out and let in rest for 10 min . Cut into sections and serve with Avocado salsa, enjoy !

Que aproveche!


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